Commercial Strategies, Bid Management and Procurement

Whether it be a short-term project or a long-term project for any small, medium or large business, developing commercial strategies, managing procurement and contract execution becomes the biggest challenge. With rich and diverseexperience on both the buy and sell side of the tender process, we eliminate the need for a business to dedicate substantial resources required for the lengthy tendering process or service its procurement needs. The process of converting business terms into a fully signed contract drags on for a long time and it is our endeavour to support business teams not only to reduce the contracting time but also to reduce the commercial/legal risks so as to ensure that the business gets thebest possible terms out of the process. Our specialization in bid management and procurement process allows us to develop a niched and highly effective services which we offer to our business clients ensuring smooth and time-efficient execution. The services include:

  • devising a commercial and contractual strategy targeted for procurement requirements to minimize risk and maximise opportunities
  • ensuring project procurement is carried out correctly and controlled within the agreed project budget
  • managing and controlling entire bid management process including, e-tendering, overall strategy, sourcing process, tender positioning, value management, team coordination, bid reviewing, supervision and compliance, structuring, layout, formatting, design management and coordination
  • vendor management, preparing and issuing relevant documentation, reviewing quotations or bids
  • drafting, interpreting and generally, ensuring documents accurately reflect commercial decisions and legal advice, at all times consistent with legal obligations and as per internal business rules
  • negotiating and preparing the necessary contractual documents with the preferred partners
  • providing advice on minimising the dispute(s) on a prospective contract and ensuring that the business understands the contractual risks and obligations