Shore Base Services and Management

We offer tailor made support to the Oilfield Operator(s) for establishing shore base andto support all the operations. Be it for short duration/ well based or for long term operations, we have the expertise and skills required for establishing and managing the Operator’s shore base. The range of services for the shore base includes:

  • plug and play end-to-end support involving logistics management, supply base management, shore-base operations, port contracting, warehouse management support;
  • operator’s HSE policy- implementation & compliance
  • support Operator in contracting with the Port for dedicated/ priority berthing operations of Operator’s vessels
  • contracting for all services including, material handling equipment, internal transport services required for the Shore base;
  • setting up of Open and Closed yard as per requirements of Operator
  • management of Shore-base and Heli-base
  • contract management support for marine vessels and helicopters