Who We Are

We are a legal team based in New Delhi providing an extensive range of legal services to the domestic and international clients.

Our client base encompasses individual and business clients as well as public and private corporate sectors. In the private sector, our clientele includes high ranking corporate customers who engage us for their various legal and business requirements. We have been involved in counseling and advising the clients on matters relating to Excise, Customs, Tax, Land Acquisition, Land Revenue and Land Ceiling. Our team also handled matters concerning all Ministries as well as Departments of both Central and State Government.

Our client and government relationships allow us to concentrate on the dynamic and evolving marketplace, while keeping pace with changes in the legal industry to offer sound legal representation. We strive to keep our clients well aware of market trends and developments in order to allow them to pursue new ventures with certainty when such opportunities present themselves.

Our team aims to support its clients to achieve their business goals; their success is a measure of our team’s success. Our team wishes to be its clients’ partner and to make contribution as part of their team. The quality and integrity of the team’s attorneys and the determination of working and evolving together with the clients assure both our team and client’s success.